thursday, august 10, 2006

Works in progress...

Shooting portraits, weddings, and other general photography is enjoyable and satisfying, but I've always had a greater sense of creative fulfillment when working on my own personal concepts and ideas.  I've always felt these projects to be things that are almost autobiographical in nature, or sourced from inner thoughts or musings, and in some way, have to be quenched at some point by putting them into physical form. 

Other than my Book of Ruins project (left), some of my personal projects have been moving rather slowly over the past year as I’ve had to travel or recruit models from outside of the area in order to fulfill some of the shoots and ideas that I've had.  This has gotten to be quite expensive, and things just haven't been progressing at the rate that I'd like. 

To solve this problem, I decided it was time to speed things up, and began to get a bit more aggressive in recruiting people locally to help participate in some of these projects.  The response has been far beyond what I would have expected, and I’m pretty well booked up with shoots at this point. 

So… things are really starting to move now - keep an eye on the site, there are many new images coming very soon!