tuesday, september 18, 2007

The New Stuff

Things have been busy.

I've got a new series that I'm working on, titled the Dryad Series.  I have about 8 pieces finished thus far, and will be holding off on posting the series until I have a few more images completed.  This is a studio project, using my hybrid digital / film technique.  I am seeking models for this project through the end of September, perhaps longer, depending on response.

Two pieces from the Dryad series will also be on display at the following Galleries during the dates below:

If you are interested in modeling for this series, please contact me.  Examples of the series are available privately until they are released.

Additionally, I recently scored a feature on Michelle7  and two pieces in the Art Center's "sensible" art show, as part of the Festival of the Senses. So, it's been a pretty good run lately. 
That is all I have to report for the moment.  More to come...