saturday, july 20, 2013

Dunes Adventure - July


I spent a day shooting at the Sleeping Bear Dunes this weekend.  I'll have new photos to post soon.  
The shoot locations were a little challenging, given the volume of tourists, but I did find a few good remote  spots that worked out perfectly.
I had an opportunity to try out my new 15mm, which is an awesome lens for creating drama in an image - especially when you have a huge thunderstorm rolling in from across Lake Michigan.  The new focusing screen also worked perfectly, and is a nice addition, particularly for someone that always seems to knock the horizon off by a few degrees (the grid matting is a good reminder to square up the shot).
The heat index was over 100 degrees on the dunes for most of the trip, which made venturing into the deeper part of the dunes a little difficult.  And the tourists of course.
I'm very happy with the images that came out of this weekend's effort so far, and I'm inspired to get back and explore here again soon...
Photos to follow...