monday, june 24, 2013

Wine and Art Festival


The wine and art festival was a big success.  For those unable to buy prints due to them being sold out, I do have more at the studio - particularly the Dryad prints, canvas prints of my Rhythm abstracts and a few remaining copies of Beauty in Ruin.  Feel free to contact me.
I spent the winter doing everything except photography - building things, painting, writing.  It is always inspiring to talk to people and see what work speaks to them personally.  As the artist, I tend to look at pieces from a technical perspective.  Others I am drawn to on an emotional level.  Many of my pieces take hours to complete, which is something that makes them more appealing personally, as the labor of art is something that I enjoy being immersed in.
I plan to approach some of my previous works from some different angles, possibly incorporating mixed media and use different non-photographic processes.
The Detroit series continues to be a big draw.  The ruin, and the presence and pressure of time is a theme in many of my pieces (Michigan ghost towns, the Asylum series, etc).  It is my hope to explore more of these in the summer and this fall.
I also do some commission work occasionally.  I was asked about this by a few people.  This was how I originally began some of my series, when I first opened my studio. I am always open to doing commission pieces.  There is no better feeling than producing a piece of work for a person and seeing how happy they are when they walk out of the studio with something created specifically for them.
Once again, thank you to everyone that visited and talked with us at the festival.  I feel recharged and ready to create.