thursday, april 26, 2007

Models Needed for Summer Projects

Among my other ongoing studio projects, I will be working on the following outdoor projects this summer:

Experiments with water and figures.  This is basically an abstract project, which will probably be shot primarily on digital, with some images shot on film.  Prints will be straight, unaltered images.  This will be shot in my garage, or a semi-outdoor location that I’m "borrowing".  Shoots will last roughly 1 to 2 hours.  Seeking models for this project.

Sleeping Bear
Misc images taken around the Sleeping Bear lakeshore.  I have permits to shoot on selected days, in various locations that I’ve scouted in advance.  Shoots will likely be 3-4 hours and will be outdoors.  Most will involve some degree of hiking, some might be more strenuous than others.  Seeking models for this project.

Contact me for more information.


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05/02/2007 - Mandyk

I think your work is amazing! I would love to be part of your work so please let me know if you are ever in my area. You can see my work at I have bookmarked your blog and your beautiful website, thank you for sharing :)

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