wednesday, february 28, 2007

The Marble Block

Sometimes put a lot of time into planning an image or a shoot.  Sometimes I don't.  Life has been a bit busy lately....

One of my favorite shoots to date is the "Red Barn Nudes" series, which just sort of happened on one nice summer day.  I had the model with me, my cameras, and we just decided - hey, lets try this... and I'd say it turned out to be one of the more fluid shoots that I had that entire summer.  There was no planning or forethought.  Things just seemed to come together.

Yesterday I had a shoot with a model that I'd been working with lately.  I didn't have any particular thoughts or ideas for the shoot... I guess I just felt like seeing what came together.  Perhaps just trying something different than the complex images that I've been putting out lately. The results are in a new portfolio on the site, called The Marble Block

This shoot contains a mix of regular black and white digital images, and a few infrared images.  I hadn't done much IR work in the studio, as I usually save that for my summer work, but thought I'd just give it a shot (so to speak).  I'm really pleased with the way this shoot went, and the images that resulted.  The biggest difference between the IR and BW images in this series are the skin tones and texture (or lack there of).  The IR seems to present a more smooth texture to the skin, which I think really works in these shots.  It also seems to do some pretty odd things to the model's hair and eyes (though I excluded anything with eyes). 

More to come...