wednesday, january 31, 2007

The Dreamer

The DreamerNew work posted today in the Rhythms series, titled "The Dreamer". 

This was one of the more complicated shoots that I've done recently, involving three models, and a variety of different lighting set ups.  This image takes a slightly different direction from the other images in this series, as it relies less on symmetrical elements, and introduces some other techniques, which I believe help to further tell a story. 

There are also additional photos in the "black and white nudes" portfolio - a few more high key shots, and a few random shots from my recent three-model shoot. 

In other news.... I picked up a new Canon 5d as a backup camera this week, and I have to say... I'm really liking it.  One of the adjustments I had to make when moving to a digital setup was the conversion factor for standard SLR lenses, due to the smaller sensor in some digital cameras.  The 5d doesn't suffer from this, as it uses a full size sensor, enabling you to use more of the lens - basically the equivalent field of view that you'd get from using the lens on a 35mm camera, rather than having the edges trimmed off - a downfall of having the smaller sensor.  Anyway, it's nice to be able to put my 19mm on the camera and know that I'm going to see exactly what I expect to see.  The downside is that the 5d doesn't support the EF lenses (designed for the smaller sensors), but Canon has yet to produce a high quality EF series lens, so far as I have seen, and thus, I haven't invested in any.  

Anyway.  I'm not here to write a product review. 

More stuff is on the way ---