saturday, january 20, 2007

New Work Posted

New image in Studio NudesA few new images were posted this week.  I added about 10 new images to the studio nudes section, one new image in solitude, and three new pieces to the observations series.  There is also one new image in the rhythms series. 

I have a few shoots this week, in which I'll be exploring a few new concepts for the rhythms series.  I also have a few new light modifiers and some other lighting equipment on the way, so I'm hoping to try those out this week as well. 

I am readying some work to enter into two upcoming juried exhibitions in January and February.  I actually haven't entered a juried show since 1993, so it's going to be interesting to see how my new stuff plays out.  I've been working so much based on what I'm seeing or feeling at the moment, and really haven't had the opportunity to gather much outside feedback on what I'm doing - other than the prints that have sold recently through the site, or other avenues (which I'd consider positive feedback).

And hey - I finally broke the 10,000 visitor mark, since launching this new site back in August.  It's almost cause to celebrate!

More updates to come!

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