tuesday, july 14, 2009

Sample images from the Bear Naked project

Today I posted a new portfolio featuring a few sample images from the "Bear Naked" projects.  This is a small selection of the images that I have, and I don't really plan on posting the bulk of this series until it is complete (or nearly complete).

The images span the period of time that I've been working on it, going back a few years.  As with a lot of my bigger projects, one facet of the series explores the concept of the passage of time.  Interestingly, many of the locations in these shoots have changed dramatically over the years.  For example, the barn where the red barn nudes series was shot has collapsed as of this year.  Also, the driftwood log in the "Ghost Forest" image has been completely buried by sand over the past two years. 

I discovered a few prime locations late last year, and will be shooting at those for the first shoots this year.  I'll likely post a few images from those shoots as they are edited. 

Though I have a fair number of people involved in this project at this point, I'm always looking for new people to work with - different ages, shapes, skin tones, male, female, etc, etc.  I would like to represent a wider range than in my previous projects.  As always, contact me if you are interested.

More to come...