thursday, december 14, 2006

Abyss and Ethereal Planes

I feel compelled to blog every time I post some new work.  I don't know why... it's just addictive. 

New image posted in the solitude series, called Abyss.  This one took a bit of math to get the angles and elevation right.  What fun.

During a shoot the other day, I had a spark of an idea, sort of resulting from a combination of having the camera set too open, and the particular model that I was using.  So, I had another shoot last night with the same model, and started in on this new series of concepts.

You will find these images in the "Ethereal Planes" portfolio.  I have a large number of strange and mysterious (and sometimes useless) objects I've collected over the years, so I worked a few of those into these images, as well as flowers, and other things.  It's kind of a nice break to do some higher key work...

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12/13/2008 - billie Durham

I have been in the ethereal planes for many years but never had or knew how to use a computer so you can only imagine my sense of discovery.

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