tuesday, november 25, 2008

Vintage 50 Exhibition

A selection of my photographs will be appearing in the upcoming exhibition "Vintage 50", at the Galerie Medici. 

This body of work features a series of environmental nudes shot around northern michigan and one image that was shot in my studio. There are a small selection of images from at least two other photographers in this series as well. 

The idea behind this project was (in short), to produce a series of reflective / retrospective images of a woman who recently turned fifty.  While I can't take credit for the original vision behind this project, when I was approached to shoot the series, I was quite enthusastic.  It turned into a wonderful collaboration. 

We are often inundated with preconcieved ideas of what beauty is with respect to age, body type, and any number of imaginable traits.  This is largely evident in commercial media, but it also seems to bleed into the realm of fine art as well.

To me, this project represented not only an opportunity to work with someone that had a deep infusion of sentiment in the final body of work, but also one that in some ways breaks free from the traditional stereotypes.  It was definitely an inspiring project to be involved in.

This show opens at Galerie Medici on December 18th 2008, with a reception from 6-9pm, and runs until January 18th.