monday, november 13, 2006

Rhythm and Blue

New images posted today...

BlueI've started a new section titled Rhythm, which is basically a few experiments with motion, symmetry, etc.  Well, you can just look at the images to get the idea.  It is more or less the culmination of a few ideas that I've had for awhile, and today, things just fell into place.  I'm still working on concepts for this, but it could be interesting. 

I also added the image "Blue", from today's shoot. 

There are quite a few more images I'm still in the process of editing... some of these images, particularly the multiple motion images, are extremely large in size (both physical and file size)... so it takes a bit of time to edit each of them. 

I've been trying a few different things lately - mixing different mediums, trying different lighting setups, and taking some inspiration from some non-typical resources.  We'll see where it all leads...