thursday, october 19, 2006

Five Cellos and the Bullwhip

Things have been a bit slower up until recently, as my Mac had been in the shop for a period of time, which seriously limits any editing I can do.  It is back now, and I've been working hard on putting together the images that I shot during the time that I was "down".  It's always something, isn't it?

Below is the latest image for my "observations" series.

Five Cellos
Five Cellos

I'm beginning to take some of my film work and combine it with some elements shot digitally.  So basically, I'm shooting half the images on one of the digital cameras, and then half on film. I think it adds a different feel to the images, as you get some representation of the natural grain of the film in the final image (rather than film grain that is generated digitally, which looks... different).   I am selling giclee prints of the image above at a variety of sizes, the largest (thus far) being 10"x33.3".  For more info, click on the image in the observations portfolio

Also added since the last update is the "Bullwhip" image, found in the same portfolio.

That's all I've got at the moment.  More to come...