sunday, may 18, 2008

Beverly At Nine

Posted a new image in the "Observations" series, titled "Beverly at Nine". 

I haven't been shooting much since the last update.

The weather has been on the border of being too cold to shoot at the dunes, or anything outside for that matter, and I haven't got everything setup for the darkwater project. 

I've just felt... no groove lately.  It happens.  Creativity isn't always something that you can command, sometimes it arrives upon you, other times, it feels like you are waiting by the window.

I've also felt the need to reinvent lately.   I think that some of my more recent work has been more about the process than about any particular message. 

I had to drive some of my work downstate this weekend for a show.  It was a good six hour drive round trip.  I had a chance to break away from the regular daily routine, and it gave me time to think.  As a result, I've got a few new directions and some different work that I'm going to begin trying out.  I'm sure an update will follow.