wednesday, april 30, 2008

Passions and The Muse

I had the chance to do my first shoot with a couple this past week.  While I've had the opportunity to work with female couples in the past, I'd never photographed a male / female couple. 

I've had a number of ideas for such a thing for awhile, and just never had the chance to shoot simple due to the lack of anyone to shoot.  The shoot went well, and I created a new gallery titled "passion" for a few of the images.  I'm hoping to add to this in the future.  Ideally, I'd like to try using these images for a mixed media idea that I've had for awhile now... I think it should be fitting.  I'm sure I'll update with pictures when I get it done...

Additionally I added a new image to the "Observations" series titled "Hands of a Muse", also from the same shoot.  And two more images in the generic bw nudes section, including a BW infrared nude that I'd dug up, which I thought turned out interesting. 

The weather turned cold this week, and I haven't had a chance to get out to the dunes yet (other than a quick hike to check things out last week).  I have a feeling that things will be warming up soon though. 

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