friday, april 18, 2008

Models Needed

I've updated my "model for me" page with information on my spring and summer projects.

I need a couple of models for these projects, and possibly to work with on an ongoing basis.

I began constructing some custom softboxes and other light modifiers this week, which I think will result in some new and interesting directions for some of my work.  So... I could also use someone to help me give this equipment a good testing.  I'm hoping to do this in the next week.  

For whatever reason (perhaps spring cleaning), I've pretty much torn apart my studio, and started redoing some things, partly to make use of the space a bit better, and also so i have 360 degree use of the studio for shooting, rather than just shooting against one wall.  I also found a few really nice stained glass windows this week, which I think I could use for something in the future... some work is still required there to get them mounted and usable.  I suspect I may have lost my security deposit by now.