sunday, april 06, 2008

Book of Ruins Opening

The Book of Ruins show opened this Friday - and wow, what a great opening.  The turn out was awesome, catering and decoration was beautiful.  A few of my more recent, bigger shows have been lined up by ARTc, a local company that basically helps to promote artists by the artists with public venues which they've negotiated.  I think that some artists, including myself, have some stage fright when it comes to promoting their own work, and this definitely fills that deficit.  I'm very thankful for everything they've done so far... and would really recommend them for any local artist looking to get their name out there a bit more.

I spent the last five days in the hospital, which sucked - it's not something I'd planned for (not that most people could or would).  It did give me a lot of time to do some editing, and I got a few new things in the works.  Though I'm sure it verges on cliche, things like that do put a lot of things into a different perspective, from priorities, to friendships, to family, etc.  I suppose I'll save those thoughts for internal processing though...

I picked up Jan Saudek's new book - which I just love.  I discovered his work about a year ago, and I was instantly drawn to it.  The colors, concepts, and it definitely breaks away into its own vibe.  Though it's probably not for everyone, he's quickly become one of my favorite modern artists.  More of his artwork can be seen here.

I'm lining up a few shoots this week, which I am very excited about.  Stay tuned, I think these new images will be interesting...