saturday, february 16, 2008

Erotic Art Show

Three of my pieces will be featured in the Insideout Gallery's erotic art show this month.  Two of the pieces are from the Bear Naked project (one at left), and one print from the throne series.  None of these have been exhibited before.  Doing three simultaneous shows this month has pretty much eliminated my inventory of framed prints though... didn't see that coming. 

I managed to pull off a couple of shoots this week, mainly some simple concepts which I'm planning on submitting to Michelle7. I will have some of these on the site later in the week. 

During the first of these shoots, the AF on my 5d went out, and I have to say, lacking the autofocus feature makes it very apparent how almost useless the standard focusing screen is on this camera.  Not to mention, it just SUCKS to have to toss a seemingly good image because the focus was slightly off.  You can feel my frustration, can't you? 

I also broke out my old medium format camera, which I haven't used in a number of years.  I'm planning on using this for the Darkwater project, and possibly even use it for the Bear Naked project this summer... the glass on this thing is so sharp, it would be a waste to not be using it for something. 

More to come...